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Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Brooklyn NY

Life in Brooklyn, NY, is full of complicated commutes and the stress of dealing with the overflow of the big city. One thing that you should never have to worry about is your smile.

Yet, many Brooklyn residents are too busy with work or focused on coming up with the high rents to research where they can go for the best cosmetic dentistry. They may not put any urgency on the issue until they start to experience pain or discomfort.

Thankfully, at our Brooklyn, NY, dental practice, you can have your cake and eat it too. Oceanview Dental Care offers high-quality cosmetic dental services that are guaranteed to make you smile. Please consider how we perform the various cosmetic dental procedures below.

Invisalign Treatments for Our Brooklyn Neighbors

invisalign brooklyn ny

Invisalign is the industry-leading manufacturer of precise dental adjustment devices. Instead of dealing with the burden and high maintenance of tradition braces, patients can gently nudge their teeth into the perfect smile. Invisalign offers invisible retainers that fit comfortably over crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. The aligners come in progressive sets that work to slowly manipulate teeth into the desired position.

This marvel of computer engineering and 3D digital imaging allows dentists to leave most of the work to a central office. They are able to determine the root structure of the teeth and the gaps based on the images and X-rays provided by your dentist. The beauty of Invisalign is that you can stop at any time if you are not comfortable. There is no commitment as there would be with traditional braces that are bonded directly to the teeth.

Some companies have created poorly thought out knockoffs to the Invisalign retainers. These mailorder retainers are dangerous because the companies do not consider the root structure of the teeth, nor do they perform checkups to ensure quality treatment. Many people have lost or damaged teeth by attempting to create their own braces or ordering crude productions online. Only a qualified cosmetic dentist can work to fit you with the proper array of Invisalign appliances to slowly straighten out your smile.

Cosmetic Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers

cosmetic dental veneers brooklyn ny

Regardless of whether you opt for traditional porcelain or pressed ceramic, you will love the instant results of cosmetic dental veneers. It is a quick and painless procedure for our Brooklyn dental team to fit you with veneers. The veneers are a very thin outer covering that fits over your natural teeth. Although the enamel of your natural teeth has to be ground down slightly to fit the thin shell over the natural teeth, the new casing is manufactured to a custom color and fit.

Cosmetic dental veneers don’t stain as easily as natural teeth and are just as durable. They look and feel like the real thing. This is the best solution if your teeth are misshapen or discolored and cannot be easily corrected with braces or Invisalign treatments alone. Schedule an appointment today for your new smile. Veneers can typically be manufactured and installed in a matter of weeks with just two visits to our office.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Procedure

dental tooth bonding cosmetic dentist brooklyn

Dental teeth bonding uses a tooth-colored plastic resin that is hardened with a special ultraviolet light to restore or improve the image of teeth. It may be necessary for filling a cavity, fixing a chip in the tooth, closing a gap between teeth, or protecting the root if your gums recede. Some bonding patients even lengthen or reshape their teeth by applying the tooth bonding material. The material is versatile and durable. It can last four to eight years before it begins to erode and requires replacement.

Cosmetic Tooth Reconstruction and Restoration

brooklyn cosmetic dentist reconstruction restoration

There are many aspects of restoring teeth and the full functional capacity of the entire mouth. Only our Brooklyn cosmetic dentists with years of experience have the wisdom to reconstruct a full bite after major tooth loss. This is because the jawbone deteriorates when it is no longer being stimulated by the tension of roots anchored into place along the jawbone. You can quickly lose 20 percent of your jawbone in just the first year alone.

Rebuilding the jawbone with bone grafts and assessing the bone density of teeth is just part of the job. A lot of precise measurements and blueprints have to be developed to create the ideal bite for perfect mechanical chewing action. In addition, the teeth also have to look uniform and straight.

There are many tools in the toolbox for accomplishing this type of extensive cosmetic oral restoration or reconstruction. Our Brooklyn cosmetic dentists at Oceanview Dental Care can use implants, crowns, bridges, ceramic inlays, fillings, or a combination of these methods to restore the full integrity of a patient’s mouth.

Because you have to live with your teeth every moment of your life and rely on them for so much, it is critical to only have the procedures carried out by a restorative dentist that you can trust. Our Brooklyn cosmetic dental office has the years of experience on thousands of Brooklyn, New York, patients to ensure that you obtain optimal results.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Implants

brooklyn cosmetic dentist dental crowns

When your teeth are severely damaged or missing, installing a crown or bridge may be the most effective remedy. A crown is a porcelain or metal cap that fits over a ground down tooth. It is most commonly used after a root canal procedure. A root canal is necessary when a tooth is damaged beyond repair.

Although a tooth may appear to be solid, it can be weak and deteriorating at a microscopic level. Our Brooklyn area dentists have to drill out any of the weak material before they install a ceramic inlay or a filling. If the tooth is damaged severely enough, they won’t be able to do this without breaching the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber contains all the blood vessels and nerves. If it is breached, these vital components will suffer from necrosis and can then harbor bacteria and cause serious infections and abscesses.

In most cases, your cosmetic dentist at Oceanview Dental Care will have no choice other than to perform a root canal. A root canal is a very tedious and lengthy procedure that requires your dentist to drill a large access hole into the center of a tooth. Your dentist then clean out all the pulp fibers and nerves from the pulp chamber and root canals. Thin curved files are inserted into the roots in progressive diameters to clean out the material.

After the teeth are cleaned out, the tooth can be supported with an internal metal post and sealed shut. It is then ground down for application of a porcelain false tooth cap that is cemented over the top. These caps or crowns can be custom molded to fit the opposing bite or may, otherwise, be universal crowns that function similar to a tooth.

A bridge can be used to fill the gap of missing teeth between two teeth that are ground down to accommodate a cap or crown prosthetic. The teeth may be damaged teeth that had root canals performed or healthy teeth that are, nevertheless, ground down to accommodate a crown.

The bridge can also be attached to a dental implant. Cosmetic dental implants use titanium posts to replace the roots of the tooth and can have a bridge or traditional crown affixed firmly onto the artificial root. Implants are the alternative to dentures or can even be used even with dentures for a permanent anchor.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn

zoom-teeth-whitening-brooklyn ny

Zoom teeth whitening is a method of instantly whitening your teeth. The tannins from wines, cigarettes, coffee, tea, and other foods that stain teeth can be removed in a single dental visit session by using peroxide and a Zoom laser light. This beats the weeks and weeks of treatment that at-home kits require to see results. Come and get a professional tooth whitening service to show off that healthy smile.

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