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Mouth Restoration & Reconstruction

Do you know how important it is to take care of your mouth? When it doesn’t function as it should, your health can be at risk. If you’re having dental problems, consider mouth restoration and reconstruction.

Full oral restoration done by an experienced cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn can eradicate a number of oral health problems. It can also improve your smile. Consider it a good option.

Tell Me More about Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction

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Oral reconstruction consists of a succession of procedures. Oral restoration is needed when several problems exist. Treatments to makeover your smile include many different procedures.

Replacement of lost teeth is included in a smile makeover. Also included is repairing of damaged teeth, jaw alignment correction, and old dental work replacement. Treatment of oral diseases is included, too.

To improve oral function and create a brilliant smile, a list of prosthodontic dental procedures is carried out. These include implants and bruxism therapy. Cosmetic and restorative work is also included. So is neuromuscular work and orthodontics.

The number of services needed depends on the individual. The treatments are custom-made by our local Brooklyn dental team. Reconstruction takes longer to complete than a makeover does because it is designed to restore normal oral function. A makeover is designed to improve your smile.

Explain the Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction Process

An examination by a dentist at our convenient Brooklyn office is your first step. Cavities, loose teeth, and damage to the teeth will be noted. Assessment of the need for replacement appliances will be made. Alignment of the teeth will be checked to see if orthodontic work is required. The gums will be inspected for gum disease.

Wear of the temporomandibular joints will be assessed. Surgery may be needed if the joints are excessively worn. The use of dental appliances can alleviate irritation and correct alignment.

A gorgeous smile is a significant benefit of restoration. The treatments performed can change the size as well as the color of the teeth. An evaluation of how the teeth match the soft tissues will be made, and the changes the dentist will make will produce a beautiful smile.

X-rays and photographs will be taken and impressions will be made. They will be used to design your treatment plan. Questions about the length of the process will be answered during the consultation.

Does Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction Hurt?

Both treatments are made comfortable with sedation. Healing time is fast. Performance is usually not affected for the majority of people who have the procedure done.

What is the Cost of Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction?

The cost of full oral restoration depends on the amount of work done. The price varies, and dental insurance covers certain costs. Call our office to learn about available payment options.

How Long Does Oral Restoration Take?

The length of the process is not the same for everyone. Some patients need more work than others. Most require more than a single treatment performed at our convenient Brooklyn dental office.

Most patients should expect the process to take about a month. From there, adjustments will be made to make your smile comfortable. If orthodontic and surgical procedures are performed, the process may take longer.

A better idea of the length of time it will take to complete the process will be attained after your dentist establishes a care plan. Though the wait time can be long, the majority of people remain patient because after looking at before and after pictures, they feel confident they’ll wind up with a beautiful smile.

If you would like to improve your oral health and the look of your smile, schedule a consultation at our local Brooklyn office. End your embarrassment, pain, and discomfort and improve your oral health with oral restoration and reconstruction. Transform your smile into something beautiful.

Call our office for an appointment today.